This program made me be more mindful of my choices. I wanted to make a change and better myself and this gave me the motivation and support to do so. This program is not about being perfect which I like because I don’t think that would be realistic. I like the small changes approach, because it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. I was able to obtain these goals and build off of them. Completing one goal motivated me to complete another. I will definitely take what I learned and apply it to my everyday life.
— Anonymous (female participant)
This program was developed in a way to make small impactful changes to your nutritional health without being intimidating or overwhelming like many of the fad diets. Kristin provided great simple suggestions that anyone can do. The changes I have made will be ones I can easily continue to attain. I have learned that the number on the scale is really meaningless. It is much more important to feel healthy on the inside which creates a happiness on the outside. Thank you Kristin for making me a healthier version of myself!
— AH from NYA, Minnesota
I do find that I’m now checking food labels for sugar. I know my body does appreciate it when I cut back. I feel more energized. Meal planning and prepping is key. I do way better when I plan ahead.
— MM from Buffalo, Minnesota
This detox program was empowering without being overwhelming. Kristin did a great job at breaking this into small, attainable steps. There was lots of great content that helped me make better choices. The food log really was insightful for me. I was surprised by my caffeine consumption but pleased by my water intake. It helped be more aware of the small things and how quickly those add up.
I loved the recipes and food suggestions and already tried a couple of them. Yum!
— Anonymous -(female participant)