Fall in love with yourself

It’s official…

Fall is here!

Lately, as in the past 3 months, I have been lacking in the self-care department. We had an unplanned and very sudden home move which brought in a host of time contraints with it trying to get settled in. It’s a blessing we moved as we did, but it was a very stressful time. I am also launching my Sweet Success program 10/1 and a Clean Eating 101 for Moms 11/1, while working on my last two health coach certifications yet too. I have been preparing workshops for the business. Also, of course comes family obligations, wife and mom duties, and my regular full time career.

It’s been exhausting to say the least.

I have done very little to take care of myself other than working out here and there and going to bed early or sleeping in when I can to get a few more hours rest.

When I don’t take care of myself, I am not a nice person! Just ask my husband. Poor guy sees it all. I get crabby, my fuse is short, I become completely anti-social, and my depression and anxiety ramp up. As a parent, many of you can probably relate to putting your needs last. Much of the time I do, and then make a date with myself to take care of my needs at some point. However, those dates have been missing lately. I will gladly take care of my children, family, house and other obligations first. It’s even better when I know I have a little ‘me’ time to look forward to.

When mommas not happy, aInt noBody happy

Isn’t that the truth though? Whoa! If I am crabby, it seems so are my kids. If I’m short with them or my husband, I get the same attitude back. I need to love myself and the breathe through the challenging moments and as a result the household milieu effect tends to be better!

Self care isn’t selfish

I heard (or read) that recently. Someone mentioned self care was selfish. Then call me selfish. When your gas tank is running on fumes, the car is going to stall at some point, right? It’s needs a refill to keep going. Is that really selfish to refill? I need refills! Do YOU! I used to get bi-monthly prenatal massages when I was pregnant with my first. Before that, monthly massages. That’s been non-existent since our firstborn arrived and now I’m lucky if I get one once a year. My recharge time is sans kids or husband and is usually done outside of our home. I like to take a few hours and retreat to a local coffee shop Mocha Monkey and read, work on the biz, or meet with a friend.

What do you do for self-care? What are your barriers? What would you like to change?

Lets face it, it’s hunting season and going into that in our home is like survivalist mode for me. My husband is usually gone most weekends for several months, and more than half of one of the Fall months typically. My sanity rests on knowing the season does indeed end at some point. Fall is hard on my depression and anxiety in general and this definitely adds to it. One way I take care of myself is by going to bed when the kids go to bed. Yes ma’am or sir, that’s around 7:30. I can have my quiet time and if I’m tired I can get enough sleep before the next days activities.

My goals for this fall season and heading into the holiday?

Respect myself and love myself. Staying true to who I am, not trying to please others or constantly say ‘yes’ to others is a huge goal. This empties my tank and FAST. I love helping others, but I’m a giver way more than I receive and it’s an unhealthy balance. That balance is best kept by loving myself and giving myself the recharge it needs to be a better person. Massages, cupping, chiropractic adjustments, quiet time away from home, fun activities with the family, meditation, podcasts/self development books, crafting/retreat weekends, etc. Those are all ways in which I show love to myself that nurture my body, mental state, and emotions.

What are your self-care goals for this season? Go ahead and share as it my spark options for another reader!

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