Myths of a Health Coach

Think about this for a minute. When you see the title “Health Coach” or hear it, what do you think of? Many have a very specific idea come to mind. Perhaps one of a healthy, fit, young, attractive person whom others want to look and be like. Granted health coaches should follow their own advice and recommendations, many come from a place like those seeking the services of a Health Coach.

Many Health Coaches get into the business to learn more about how to live healthy for themselves and their families first. During this process, they find the knowledge and process so empowering that they want to share and help others grow. Many coaches have dealt with their own weight battles, health issues, difficulty finding time to prepare and serve nourishing food for themselves or their families, and even those who have not found the perfect personal solution yet.

Health Coaches do not have to be physically fit or skinny, they do not have to practice everything they teach to a fault. What matters is that they try and they exemplify what it means to empower, cultivate change, and sustain change to obtain greater health than the days before (hence, my slogan!). They mess up lifestyle choices too, did you know that? They are human just like the rest of us. Many started out with not one minute of exercise under their belt, or grew up on fast food, deal with Type 2 diabetes even with the proper diet, have underlying anxiety or depression that affects their choices, and continue to makes new changes every day, etc.

What they can do is apply their acquired knowledge, personal experiences, client feedback, and compassion, to help others find their way to better daily health choices. The healing journey is just that, a journey. It takes time, willpower, compassion, and there will be many ups and downs along the way.

So when you think of a Health Coach, don’t focus on appearance, age, or physique. Instead focus on their experience, compassion, mission, education, and how you feel when engaging with them. Many offer a free initial consultation to identify your goals and current lifestyle and discuss the available programs and how the coach works with clients. This initial consultation will help you gauge whether the coach will be the right fit for you.

As a Health Coach, I learn something new every day. Whether from potential clients who have inquired about my pending programs, something I read in the news/journal articles, or just my own experiences. The journey to health is slow, and it should be. Too much at once can be overwhelming and frankly, costly. Health is an investment and if the investment is worth changing your health for the better, then make sure you have the right coach on your side cheering you on!

Kristin KraemerComment